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Posted by Andy on Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 11:04pm.

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Using the constants in cells A2:A9, create formulae for cells A12:A15 (surrounded by a dark line)
to compute the corresponding "derived" physical constants indicated in cells B12:B15. Then create
formulae for cells D18:D23 to compute product prices based on the corresponding input values in
A18:A23 and the units in B18:B23. You can use some constants from A2:A9 in your formulae, if
needed. Write formulae only; do not write actual numerical results. For example, if I type any
number for grams of Spike Nails into cell A18, then the cost in dollars for that quantity of Spike
Nails should automatically appear in cell D18. You write the formula to go in D18 in terms of input cell
A18 and the cell addresses of the required conversion constants. Use only cell addresses in your formulae;
do not use actual numbers.

Cell A12: =(A4*A5)
Cell A13: =(A3*A4*A5)
Cell A14: =(A2*A3*A4*A5)
Cell A15: =(A6*A7)
Cell D18: =(A18)*(C7/A15)
Cell D19: =A19*(C6*A7)
Cell D20: =A20*(C5/A6)
Cell D21:
Cell D22:
Cell D23:

So far , I got A12:A15 correct, but D18:D23, I cannot seem to get,I thought i got D18 and D19 correct, but it was not, so i cannot get D20:D23 either. Help please and thank you.

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