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English-- Analogies

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1. perfunctory : Punctilious ::
A. kindly : gently
B. avoid : detect
C. practical : Feasible
D. Perdition : salvation

2. Perspicacity : Mind ::
A. reason : excuse
B. attorney : trial
C. sharpness : blade
D. rainstorm : spring

  • English-- Analogies -

    1. What relationship do you see between perfunctory and punctilious?

    Check the definitions in number 2 and tell us what you think.

    We'll be glad to check your answers.

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    So I think that 1. is Perdition : Salvation because that's an opposite and perfunctory and punctilious are opposites.

    Perspicacity is keenness of judgement so I suppose perspicacity relates then to the mind for this is where perspicacity is developed. This doesn't seem to help me find a solution?

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    You're right about 1.

    Good think about number 2.

    Think about it this way -- for a mind to be really good and effective, it needs to have perspicacity. In what pair of your choices does the second term rely on the first for its efficiency?

  • English-- Analogies -

    sharpness : blade

  • English-- Analogies -

    Right! :-)

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