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A 14 cm diameter circular loop of wire is placed in a 0.58 T magnetic field.
(a) When the plane of the loop is perpendicular to the field lines, what is the magnetic flux through the loop?
(b) The plane of the loop is rotated until it makes a 36° angle with the field lines. What is the angle è in Eq. 21-1 for this situation?
(c) What is the magnetic flux through the loop at this angle?

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    (a) Flux = (loop area) x (magnetic field. The area must be in square meters. The field must be in Tesla. The units of the flux are called Webers.
    (b) You have not defined the angle "è". If it is the angle between the B field lines and the normal to the loop, that angle is 54 degrees.
    (c) Take your answer to (a) and multiply it by sin 36.

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