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like what are the steps to getting into a hospital is what prehospital means

  • bobpursley -

    The steps? YOu have to have a physician with admitting priviledges, admit you. It can occur in his office, at your home, in the emergency room. If the physician admits you, you are admitted.

    This can occur in a wide variety of circumstances. The process of the admitting physician is rather simple: a piece of paper, or a telephone call to the hospital ward.

    I still am wondering what you are aiming for.

  • bobpursley -

    Let me amplify this. My youngest physician daughter, while we were having supper, received a telephone call from a patient that was having a time with high blood pressure and pregnancy...My daughter simply told her to go to xxxx hospital, she was being admitted. THen daughter calls the hospital OB ward, tells them that xxxx is coming in, she has been admitted, and to start xxxx care.
    That is it. Not an overly difficult process. After supper, daughter called the on duty staff physician, and told him what the details were and what was needed.

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