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The value of pKb for the base ethylamine (CH3CH2NH2) is 3.19 at 25°C, while the pKa for formic acid
(HCO2H) is 3.74, also at 25°C.

the value of the equilibrium constant Kc for the following aqueous equilibrium:

HCO2– (aq) + CH3CH2NH3+(aq)-->HCO2H(aq) + CH3CH2NH2(aq)

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    Check me out on this but I believe K for the hydrolysis of the salt is K = (Kw/KaKb)

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    Right. For the hydrolysis reaction K = Kw/KaKb.
    For the acid + base ==> salt, K = KaKb/Kw

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