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Posted by Bach on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 12:59am.

If 69.3g of magnesium chloride were produced from a process with a known yield of 78.3%, find the mass of carbon tetrachloride in grams that was used.
2CCl4 + MgCrO4 -> 2COCl2 + CrO2Cl2 + MgCl2

I was able to solve it but I just don't understand why it's wrong. Here's what I put for an answer.

69.3g MgCL2 x (1 mol MgCl2/95.211g MgCl2) x (2 mol CCl4/ 1 mol MgCl2) x (153.823g CCl4/ 1 mol CCl4) x (.783/100)

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