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A 0.47 kg pendulum bob is attached to a string 1.2 m long. What is the change in the gravitational potential energy of the system as the bob swings from point A to point B where θ = 31°?

I've tried using PE = mgh but I don't know where the 31 degrees comes in there. I'm confused as to what formula to use.

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    for simplicity i am going to do this symbolically.

    m = .47Kg
    l = 1.2m
    g = 9.81m/s²
    è = 31 degrees

    the change in potential energy is


    in this problem,
    Äh = l-lCos(è)
    = l(1-cosè)

    (it is 1-cosè becaus cos 90=1.. and its cos 90-cosè)


    ÄE = mgÄh
    = .47Kg * 9.81m/s² * 1.2m * (1-cos31)
    and the answer is in units of joules
    answer: .79

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    cos theta*


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    also Deta E*

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    Delta* wow i cannot type

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    @kelly..may i know why have to l-l cos delta?

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