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Homework Help: concepts in Organizational Behavior

Posted by Azizeh on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 11:09pm.

You are currently working as a management consultant. You and your partner have been asked to analyze the corporate culture and organization of USA Today. You have decided to use the Step-by-Step Analysis to aid you in your work. You have decided to analyze the topics listed below to start the project:

The Management of Ability

Identify the reason for the high turnover rate.
What kind of cultures/subcultures has Tom Curley created?
Organizational Commitment

Consider both the determinant of affective commitment and continuance of commitment
Job Satisfaction
Consider the current workload and turnaround times for the online group
Organizational Ethics

What types of ethical issues have already arisen?
Consider the impact of these issues with other departments at USA Today
Think about the impact of external forces as well as internal forces in the areas of individuals in organizations, groups and team processes as well as organizational processes. Keep in mind the type of culture that has been created as well as the subcultures that exist between the various media departments.


During the next four weeks, you will be using the Step by Step Analysis format to look at various areas of interest, culminating in the preparation of a formal proposal for the Board of Directors.

The following represents the steps and stages you would undertake to conduct and present an Organizational Analysis, using the Step-by-Step Analysis Approach. Using this method, you first provide an Introduction and Background into the organization you are analyzing. Based on a careful evaluation of your data and information, your analysis draws from the principles, theories, and strategies of Organizational Behavior, by utilizing your text book, the Library, and other credible sources. You then make recommendations and provide alternative actions to either management or a client. This is fully explained and outlined in detail below:

Introduction and Background: Provide a small introduction to issues, factors, and problems you will analyze and address in your paper from an organizational behavior standpoint.
Organizational Behavior Analysis: Analyze the issues for the week (for example week 1 management ability, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational ethics) as they relate to the company.
Alternatives and Recommendations: Propose and analyze alternatives for the company based on principles of organizational effectiveness. Each recommendation should include some written discussion and a corresponding rationale. It is important that these conclusions flow logically from the previous steps. Please Remember: A set of recommendations must really be meaningful and realistic. The recommendations must be actionable.
Implementation with a Contingency Plan: Present an Implementation Plan: You can provide an implementation plan, which includes a set of actionable initiatives for issues that are prioritized, ranked in order of importance, realistic, and within the collective capabilities of the organization. Also include a Contingency Plan: All organizations are affected by internal or external changes. As a result, it is important to have a contingency plan in case of either unanticipated change or implementation failures.

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