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1. He died young.
2. He died when he was young.
3. When he was young, he died.

(Are they all the same?)

4. a strong wind, a high wind,
a heavy wind,
5. a weak wind, a low wind
a light wind, a gentle wind
6. a warm wind, a chill wind, a chilly wind, a biting wind, a cool wind, a hot wind

7. an east wind, a west wind, a south wind, a north wind

(Is #4 the opposite of #5? Can we use all the expressions of #6 and #7?)

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    1, 2, and 3 are very much the same. In addition, #1 conveys the idea that he died too young. That is, he was a young man who shouldn't have died, but he did.

    Yes, 4 is the opposite of 5. And, yes, all the expressions in 6 and 7 are just fine, depending on the exact meaning. A north wind, for example, means wind coming out of the north, and so forth.

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    I'm lost o-o

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