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The first excited state of the hydrogen atom is separated from the ground state by 10.2 eV.
(a) At what wavelength does this occur and what is the energy difference in kJ mol-1 between the ground and excited states? Show your working in each case.
(b) If the degeneracy of the ground state and the excited state is 1, calculate N* / N0 at 2,000 K and 8,000 K.

I barely understand this

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    a)Convert 10.2 ev to joules.
    E = hc/wavelength.
    You know E (joules) and h and c, calculate wavelength in meters. The 10.2 ev is the energy difference per photon, you want a mole of photons for kJ/mol.

    b) I don't understand.
    BTW, we like for you to use the same screen name for your posts. It helps us keep people straight.

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    If a 30.0L tank of laughing gas contains 2.74 moles of N2O at 25 degrees C what is the pressure (atm) in the tank?

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