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Homework Help: chemistry AP

Posted by maya on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 1:56am.

You have to design a buffer based on one of the systems below
System 1: HA1 and A1-1 K= 4 E-3
System 2: HA2 and A2-1 K= 5 E-4
System 3: HA3 and A3-1 K= 6 E-5
For the following parts assume that the buffer above in system2 has been constructed with [HA] =1M and that there is no change in volume when acids or bases are added
a) Pick the best system to make a buffer with a pH of 3.5.
b) For which ever system you have chosen find the [A^-1]/[HA] required to make the pH equal to 3.5
c) Find the new pH if .03 moles of HCl is added to 100 ml of buffer in system 2
d) Find the maximum mass of NaOH which could be added to 100 ml of the original buffer without changing the pH by more than .7 pH units

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