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When solid NH4HS is placed in a closed flask at 28 C, the solid dissociates according to the equation:
NH4HS(s) <=> NH3(g) + H2S(g)

The total pressure of the equilibrium mixture is 0.766 atm. Determine Kp at this temperature.
Choose one answer.

a. 0.147

b. 0.766

c. 0.587

d. 0.383

e. 1.53

  • chm152 -

    NH4HS(s) <=> NH3(g) + H2S(g)

    p = partial pressure.
    Kp = pNH3 x pH2S

    Since the total pressure is 0.766 atm, and the number of moles NH3 = number of moles H2S, won't the partial pressure of each gas be just 1/2 of the total pressure? Substitute into Kp and solve. Check my thinking.

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