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Chemistry problem

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Hi I'm stuck on these questions can you please help me

A soil sample contains 0.2234 g of Fe3+ per 100g. Fe3+ is precipitated when the soil becomes alkaline as shown in the equation below.
Fe3+ + 3OH- + (x-1)H2O „_ FeOOH.xH2O(s)
This soil is sprayed with 40.0 wt% urea solution with a density of 1.111 g/mL.
Urea decomposition in soil can be given by the following equation.
(H2N)2CO + H2O „_ CO2 + 2NH4+ + 2OH-
(i) Express the concentration of Fe3+ in the soil sample in mmol/g.
(ii) Calculate the mass and the volume of urea solution needed to precipitate all Fe3+ in this soil sample
[Mr (C) = 12.01 g/mol, (H) = 1.007 g/ mol, (O) = 15.99 g/mol, (N) = 14.01 g/ mol, (Fe) = 55.85 g/mol.

Thank you so much

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    Sarah, I read this last night. Truth be know, I really don't understand the problem.

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