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determine the mass of carbon monxide that is produced when 45.6 grams of methane reacts with 73.2 grams of oxygen gas. Can you please show work in detail please.

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    We need the chemical equation for the reaction between CH4 and O2. I assume it was:

    2CH4 + 3O2 -->2CO + 4H2O

    To answer your question,
    1. Divide 45.6g by the molar mass of CH4 to get the number of moles of CH4.
    2. Divide 73.2g O2 by the molar mass of O2 to get the moles of O2
    3. Divide moles O2 / moles CH4. If the ratio is less than 3/2, O2 i the limiting reagent. If not, CH4 is the limiting reagent.
    4. If CH4 is the limiting reagent,
    moles of CO produced = moles CH4
    Convert moles of CO to grams by multiplying the number of moles times the molar mass of CO.

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