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Can you please help me? The direction goes as follows; Edit the following sentences to correct errors in pronoun reference. In some cases you will need decide on an antecedent that the pronoun might logically refer to.
1) Our German conservation group is made up of six people, three of which I never met before.
2) Many people believe that the polygraph test is highly reliable if you employ a licensed examiner.
3)Parent involvement is high at Mission San Jose High School. They participate in many committees and activities that affect all aspects of school life.
4)Because of Paul Robeson's outspoken attitude toward fascism, he was labeled a Communist.
5)In the report it points out that lifting the ban on Compound1080 would prove detrimental, possibly even fatal, to the bald eagle.

  • to Ms Sue -

    I'll be glad to help you.

    What do you think the answers are?

    Be sure you go back and reread Writeacher's suggestion for Number

  • to Ms Sue -

    Is the answer to #4, Because of his outspoken attitude toward fascism, Paul Robeson was labeled a Communist.

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