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Math 116 algebra

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There are 38 houses in a new community available with two floor plans. Floor plan x sells for $175,000 and Floor plan y sells for $200,000. The total worth of all available homes are $7,200,000. Write an equation that illustrates this situation.
Part A: x+y=38
Part B: 175,000x + 200,000y=$7,200,00.
Is this correct?
Need to also use elimination to determine how many houses are available with floor plan x and floor plan y? Explain how the answer was arrived.

  • Math 116 algebra -

    Part C is just as it says using elimination to get the right answer.
    I found it faster if you just use the first numbers exp 175*2=350 so, 7200-350=6850 well you know that 200 will not go into 6850 evening so you keep going 175*3=525 7200-525=6675 200 will still not go into 6675 evening. Keep going untill you find a number 200 will go into and then see how many times untill you get numbers that =38

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