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AP Chemistry

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In 1.33L container, 4.20 AB3, is heated to 400C, and 2.98x10-2(negative 2) moles of A is present at equilibrium.
AB3(g) <----> A(g)+ 3B(g)

(a.) Write the expression for K

(b.) Calculate the equilibrium concentration of the following gases
(i.) B
(ii.) AB3

(c.) Calculate K

(d.) Calculate the partial pressure of A

(e.) For the reaction:
A(g) + 1/3B(g)<----> AB3(g) calculate the K value.

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    4.20 moles of WHAT. moles? buckets? rail cars? I will assume moles but it may be grams and I won't waste my time until you get back with additional information.

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