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6 th grade math

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2 students are learning how to bake apple and blueberry pies. The first student makes an apple pie and the second student bakes a blueberry pie. If the first student eats 1/4 of the apple pie and the second student eats 1/2 of the blueberry pie, which expression represents how much pie the second student ate?
a. 1/2- 1/4
b. 1/2+ 1/4
c. 2- 1/4
d. 2+ 1/2

  • 6 th grade math -

    From the information provided, the "second student ate" 1/2 of the blueberry pie. Unless you have misstated the problem, none of the alternatives apply.

    Of the two pies, he ate 1/4 of the two pies. Still,none of the alternatives apply.

    Recheck the problem.

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