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language expression

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choose the sentence that is complete and that is written correct.


A)annabel are planning to walk at least seven miles every week

B)i am walking on the sidewalk when i have heard someone say my name.

C)as soon as we see brent walking around the conor,we were yelling.

D)as i walked to the store,i was counting the cracks in the sidewalk.


F)several of my cousins likes to climb trees.

G)our mple tree sways whenever a strong wind blows.

H)they is going to carve their initals into that oak tree.

J)the lumberjacks and their euipment was moving into the meadow


A)the anthropologist has studied the origins of these people

B)these people was only recently discovered by anthropologists.

C)these cultures has provided many insighs into human behavior.

D)one of the anthropologists have never studied that culture before.


F)flowers grows alongside the falls.

G)the water at the bottom of the falls feel warm

H)the rocks near the waterfall is covered with moss

J)the waterfall rushes quickly down the mountainside.


A)i wonder which new fad will affect us next.

B)my uncle saved them baseball cards for forty years.

C)danielle and me found an old miniskirt in the attic.

D)we found an award given to al and i for the best yo-yo performance


F)i am hoping to win one of the events before the meet ended.

G)marty was trying a new maneuver that his coach is suggesting.

H)the gymnasts are working out in preparation for the competition.

J)as the floor exercise was completed,the other contestants are getting ready.


A)the dachshund is lying down alongside its owner.

B)the dog trainer commanded the poodle to lay down.

C)the trainer lied the dog biscuit down in front of his dog.

D)the collie, having laid at the feet of its owner, waited for its turn compete

for number 11 - 17 i got

11-(D) 12-(F) 13-(C) 14-(J) 15-(B)

16- (H) 17-(b)

  • language expression -

    12,13,15 and 17 are incorrect

  • language expression -

    what about 12-J 13-A 15-D 17-A

  • language expression -

    When you write "and that is written correct" you need to make sure you have all capitals and punctuation and spelling correct so WE can tell where the errors are. As currently written, all the sentences in #12, for example, are incorrect.

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    ok sorry will do next time

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