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Use the given function values and trigonometric identities (including the relationship between a trigonometric function and its cofunction of a complementary angle) to find the indicated trigonometric functions.

Sorry for the mistake. They are two separate functions and i need to find a through d

sec Q = 5 tan = 2sqrt6

a) cos Q b) cotQ

c) cot(90 degrees - Q) d) sin Q

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    Mark, I see no change in the way you typed your question.
    I objected to the line

    sec Q = 5 tan = 2sqrt6

    which makes no sense.
    First of all 5tan is incomplete, there is no angle. I assumed it was 5tanQ
    Secondly, the statement led to a contradiction, as I showed in the other post

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    I think what Mark means is that

    Tan(theta)=2(sqrt of 6)
    Which would make more sense :)

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