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Use the given function values and trigonometric identities (including the relationship between a trigonometric function and its cofunction of a complementary angle) to find the indicated trigonometric functions.

sec Q = 5 tan = 2sqrt6

a) cos Q b) cotQ

c) cot(90 degrees - Q) d) sin Q

Please explain. I do not understand how to do this. Thank you!!

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    sec Q = 5 tanQ

    1/cosQ = 5sinQ/cosQ
    so sinQ = 1/5

    I then made a right angles triangle with hypotenuse 5, opposite 1 and let x be the adjacent.
    By Pythagoras
    x^2 + 1^2 = 5^2
    x^2 = 24
    x = √24 = 2√6

    but you said secQ = 2√6

    if, as you started, secQ = 5tanQ, then my calculations stands as correct and
    secQ would be 5/(2√6) and not 2√6

    I will wait till you correct your opening statement of
    sec Q = 5 tan = 2sqrt6 , which leads to a contradiction.

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    What this person means is :

    cosQ = 5 and tanQ = 2sqrt6

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