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I;m sorry, but I was stuck on the second part of this problem. Can you please help me?
An automobile engine slows down from 4500 rpm to 1500 rpm in 2.5 seconds.
a) calculate angular accceleration
b)calculate total number of revolutions done in this time.

What I did:
a) I got the answer, and it was right, and it was also negative, but: what confused me was b
b) It is decelerating, this really confused me. I wasn't even sure how to approach this.

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    average speed=4500+1500 divided by 2, or
    average speed=3000 rpm

    =3000rpm or 3000rev/3600sec *2.5sec
    = 7500/3600 rev

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    I'm sorry, I tried this and got 2.1 and the computer keeps kicking it out as wrong. Your logic makes sense to me after I thought about it. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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    wait never mind. There are only 60 seconds in a minute!

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