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What is the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates?
How are sugars are broken down and used in the body?
What are the benefits that carbohydrates provide to the body?

I need help finding where I would find this infomation....I have found sites but they do not explain them to where I really understand it all...please help me

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    Here is a site that is lengthy and somewhat wordy but you should be able to get what you need. I think it may also provide other links. In particular, scroll down to nutrition and classification and metabolism.
    Carbohydrates get their name because of their chemical formula;i.e., carbo from carbon and hydrate from water. Their general formula is CH2O.
    In general, simple sugars are monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, etc C6H12O6) and disaccharides (sucrose--table sugar--C12H22O11) while starches are polysaccharides. Carbs provide energy for the body.

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    Simple carbohydrates are the simple sugars as noted above while starches are the complex carbohydrates.

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