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Respond to this question: "If a plant doesn't have enough water to openits guard cells, how would this affect its rate of transpiration?" In your answer, discuss the following:
- the guard cell's role in transpiration
- what effect this would have on the stomata
- how this would affect the overall transpiration rate

This is my answer:

A pair of guard cells shaped like to cupped hands surround a stoma. Changes in the shape of guard cells cause stomata to open or close. When the guard cells take in water, they swell, but extra cellulose strands in their cell walls allow the cells to increase in length but not in diameter. Because of this, guard cells that take in water bend away from each other, opening the stoma and letting transpiration continue. When water leaves the guard cells, they shorten and move closer to each other, closing the stoma and stopping transpiration. Thus, the loss of water from guard cells causes stomata to close, stopping water loss.

Is this all right?


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    it is OK

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