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HSM 270

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I just need someone to explain this suggestion to me about a evaluation plan. I am so confused and my instructor not answering her phone. I really need help.

The assignment was to describe the types of evaluations you would include in your evaluation plan and how each would serve to analyze various processes or intended outcomes. An example would be the Project Wide Evaluation Plan, Objective Oriented Evaluation, etc. What are your desired results, indicators, or method or measurement, etc? Please be sure to read the directions carefully as to not lose valuable points.

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    First, what or who are you evaluating?

    Next, go back and study your text materials very carefully. What does it say about evaluation plans?

  • HSM 270 -

    I am evaluating Far West Elementary School. The school hold 700 students and 30% of the students relocated from Asian countries. They live in low income homes and live around others who has similar cultures. Now do I pick between Project wide evaluation and objective oriented evaluation?

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    I couldn't find any definitions for project wide evaluation and objective oriented evaluation.

    What are your goals in this evaluation? What do you hope to accomplish?

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    When developing an evaluation plan for a project that looks at the broad goals of the project, an evaluation plan format that provides a “big picture” outline is suggested. For the sake of identifying
    this approach, it will be called the Project-Wide Evaluation Plan.
    For those developing objective-oriented evaluation plans from a grant proposal, the proposal
    should already have information describing the needs, the services that are being proposed to
    address the needs, and the accomplishments and desired results anticipated as a result of the
    services provided.
    The main goal is to recruit 5 instructors who will be willing to help Asian and other schoolchildren as well as their families learn English language, writing and speech. As we strive towards globalization and acknowledge the advantages of new technology, we still consider that human interaction and people-to-people communication are irreplaceable and have far more tangible or intangible benefits than any other means of communication.
    I want to the instructors to get proper training to be able help the Asian students learn English language, writing, and speech.

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