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32. To function properly, a neuron must maintain a
a. membrane potential
b. neurotransmitter
c. negative charge on the inside
d. positive charge on the inside
I'm stuck between C and D...

34. Hormones are essential to maintaining homeostasis mainly because
a. they catalyze specific chemical reactions in brain cells
b. the body requires them for digesting food
c. they cause specific responses in specific cells
d. they act faster than nerve impulses

35. Which of the following is TRUE?
a. It was recently discovered that the pituary gland doesn't actually do anything
b. The hypothalamus is responsible for controlling the activity of the pituary gland
c. The pituary gland controls the hypothalamus, which in turn controls the other glands
d. Hormones of the other endocrine glands of the body activate the pituary gland
Not sure...


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