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Simplify by removing factors of 1


What is the simplified form?

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    the way you typed it, the answer would be
    9w - 9 - w
    = 8w - 9

    You must mean

    = 9(w-4)/(w-4)
    = 9 , w not equal to 4

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    the question reads

    9w-36 over 4-w

    I am supposed to simplify by removing factors of 1

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    I solved it for you according to that version.
    Look above

    Removing factors of 1 makes no sense.
    1 is a factor of every number or variable, but nothing is gained by that.

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    Reiny I appreciate your help but this is solving a problem by factoring which means your ultimate goal isnt just to get X=. So the answer you are giving me isnt correct for what I am trying to solve.

    This one of the of the ways you learn to simplify rational expressions.

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