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For the Unit 1 Discussion Board assignment, you will: (1) select a topic from the list below, (2) develop a thesis statement from your topic selection and post your writing strategies for developing your thesis, (3) explore the features of the MyCompLab and summarize your experiences.

Follow the instructions below very carefully.

1. Select a Topic:

Choose a topic that will give you the flexibility to explore issues that are meaningful to you. Please choose wisely—you will be working with this topic and the “argument” pattern of development throughout the term.

The Automotive Industry and Green Awareness (US economy/sustainability)
Civil Rights and Terrorism (Politics, Civil Rights)
Education: No Child Left Behind (Education/Youth)
Hacking and Computer Security (Computers)
Prison Overcrowding (Criminal Justice)
Issues Affecting Small Business (Business)
Follow the instructions below very carefully.

Post to the Discussion Board: 2 Paragraphs (350-500 words)

2. Paragraph 1: Your writing strategies and your process of developing a thesis statement.

After selecting your topic, use the pre-writing strategies such as mind mapping, brain storming, and free writing to develop and refine your thesis statement. Describe your method of developing the thesis statement. At the end of your description on your pre-writing strategies, write your thesis statement. If you have used mind mapping, sketches, or drawings in your pre-writing strategies, scan in your graphics and upload as a separate attachment to the discussion board. Post your prewriting strategies and thesis statement to the discussion board.

3. Paragraph 2: Discussion of your experiences in exploring the MyCompLab. Summarize your experience in exploring the MyCompLab and the features that you think will assist you in the writing process.

Respond to fellow classmates' postings throughout the week and comment on the effectiveness of their thesis statements or how they can improve their statements. In addition, add your own reflections to describe particular methods used by your peers, which contributed to you to learning more about effective prewriting strategies

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