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Posted by Val on Friday, March 19, 2010 at 8:52pm.

Use the data in this table to calculate the solubility of each sparingly soluble substance in its respective solution.
(a) silver bromide in 0.066 M NaBr(aq)
mol L-1
I know how to do this one, found it to be 1.167E-11 which is correct.

(b) nickel(II) hydroxide in 0.256 M NiSO4(aq); For the purpose of this calculation, ignore the autoprotolysis of water.
mol L-1
Ksp for Ni(OH)2 is 6.5E-18

Here's what I started doing:
NiSO4 -->NI^+ + SO4^-
Ksp = [Ni+][SO4-]

Ni(OH)2--> Ni^2+ + 2OH^-
Ksp = [Ni^2+][OH-]^2

so... [OH-]^2 = Ksp of [Ni^2+][OH-}^2 over [Ni+] from the NiSO4

but I'm not sure what to do because the first compound has Ni+ and the second has Ni 2+ ..

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