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17. Why have the people of West Africa started to work at the local level to help their economies?
a. They have learned that their governments alone can do little to improve economic conditions
b. Foreign countries have stopped all economic aid to West Africa
c. One-man rule in West Africa has been replaced by democratic governments
d. West Africans are beginning to resist colonial rule of their countries

I think it's A

'West Africans have learned that their governments alone often can do little to improve depressed economic conditions. ..'

20. What role do West African women play in the region's economy?
a. Tradition will not allow women to work outside the home
b. Women make most of the economic decisions in West Africa's matriarchal society
c. Women help grow crops and run local markets
d. Women own and run most of the small businesses

I'd say C. But according to my text, it could be D too, I think.

'Many of the women of West African countries, just as in th erest of the ocntinent, ar efront-line troops n a hard-fought battle: they grow crops in the war against hunger. In many West African countries women are establishing agricultural cooperatives to improve the economic conditions of their villages. In the village of Malon in Sierra Leone, more than 200 women work together to grow more crops. Women also run an important part of the economy-the markets where food is bought and sold. As Africa modernizes, women are constantly expanding their traditional roles and are becoming owners of small businesses.'

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    17. You're right -- it's A.

    20. You're right -- it's C. The text emphasizes women farming. It doesn't say that that they run most of the small businesses.

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    okay, thank you!

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