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Could you please find my mistake in this problem? I'm not getting the right answer. :[

Use the reactions below to predict the equilibrium constant for the reaction 2A(g)<->3D(g)

A(s)<->1/2B(g)+C(g) k1=0.0334

3D(g)<->B(g)+2C(g) k2=2.35

I know that you have to make modifications according to the stoichiometric coeffecients. So do I divide k1 by 2 and the multiply that by the inverse of 2.35 (which = 1/2.35 because the equation is reversed)?

I got this answer

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    sorry i did not mean to submit this question multiple times, my internet connection is low and i didn't think it went through. i apologize.

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    See my response to the original post.

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