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Sarita's party takes place at night and all the villagers are gathered there. How do these details help make the party a good setting for the stranger to accomplish his goal?
(1 point)

* He can arrive and escape without people seeing him.
* It will take longer for the party guests to find the cheese.
* It will be less obvious that he is not a very good dancer.
* He will not have to go home until the next morning.

When talking about Pepe Gonzalez, Sarita says, “He has a talent … for doing the impossible. When all the world says a thing cannot be done, he does it to prove the world wrong.” Based on this statement, what can you infer about how Sarita feels about Pepe?
(1 point)

* She does not care about him one way or the other.
* She hates him intensely simply because he is from Hidalgo.
* She admires him, even though she is angry about what he did.
* She fears him and worries about what he might do to her village.

Which is a theme of both “One Thousand Dollars” and “By the Waters of Babylon”?
(1 point)

* Things are not always what they seem to be.
* If you do what is forbidden, you will pay the price.
* Love can change the world.
* Life is not always fair.
At the end of “Civil Peace,” Jonathan's neighbors feel sorry for him because he was robbed. He tells them,

What is egg-rasher? Did I depend on it last week? Or is it greater than other things that went with the war? I say, let egg-rasher perish in the flames! Let it go where everything else has gone. Nothing puzzles God.”

Based on these words along with Jonathan's words and actions throughout the story, what message does the author convey about survival?
(1 point)

* Survival without money and other possessions is meaningless.
* It is important to fight criminals, even at the cost of one's own life.
* In order to survive, one must be able to let go of what has been lost.
* One must find a way to hold onto money and possessions in order to survive.

The tripods' flames go out when the last of the revelers dies. Based on this detail, what might the tripods' flames symbolize in “The Masque of the Red Death”?
(1 point)

* the revelers' lives
* the peasants' revenge
* that it was all a dream
* Prince Prospero's wealth

What message is Poe trying to convey in “The Masque of the Red Death”?
(1 point)

* God punishes sinners.
* Time passes slowly.
* Wealth cannot protect one from death.
* One should not attend parties uninvited.

What is a paradox?
(1 point)

* a statement that expresses contradictory ideas, but is true
* a clue to the outcome of the story
* a person, place, or thing that stands for something other than itself
* a conflict between a character and his or her surroundings

In “Like the Sun,” what experiment does Sekhar conduct?
(1 point)

* observing how anger affects different people
* keeping the ungraded papers a secret for ten days
* studying the effects of sunlight
* telling the truth for one day

In “The Censors,” Juan gets a job as a censor. Why is this ironic?
(1 point)

* because Mariana lives in France
* because Juan is against censorship
* because the Censorship Division is full
* because Juan has no skills

Which message is expressed in both “Like the Sun” and “The Censors”?
(1 point)

* Love is rare.
* Love leads to lies.
* Avoid the truth at all costs.
* The truth can hurt.

Vocabulary and Grammar
In which of the following sentences is the principal verb part in its past form?
(1 point)

* GL is smiling broadly at the end of the story.
* Chig's father resented his mother's preference for GL.
* Charles will be angry at his family for many more years.
* Mama rides with GL in a buggy behind a crazy horse.

What is the best synonym for the word amenable?
(1 point)

* shameful
* disagreeable
* responsive
* powerful

Which of the following sentences contains a linking verb?
(1 point)

* Jonathan is grateful.
* Maria sells akara balls.
* The thieves demand money.
* Jonathan hides his egg-rasher.

What might a conniving person do?
(1 point)

* forgive a friend
* welcome a stranger
* make a secret deal
* watch too much TV

Which is the most likely to be scrutinized?
(1 point)

* dirty dishes
* a crime scene
* a nursery rhyme
* a cold drink

Which of the following is the best antonym for the word impeded?
(1 point)

* obstructed
* unblocked
* disapproved
* enjoyed

Which of the following sentences is written in passive voice?
(1 point)

* The guests avoid the black chamber.
* An uninvited stranger appears.
* Rage is felt by Prospero.
* Prospero attacks the stranger.

Pepe Gonzalez __________ a special cheese to the party.
(1 point)

* brung
* bringed
* brought
* bringing

Read the following sentence and then choose the best synonym for the word titanic.

With a titanic effort, the world champion bodybuilder heaved the massive weights up over his head.
(1 point)

* timid
* powerful
* unsinkable
* moderate

Choose the correct form of the irregular verb sleep to complete the following sentence.

The McClellan children __________ in a nursery that had glowing animals on the walls.
(1 point)

* sleeped
* slept
* sleeping
* had sleep

Choose ONE of the questions below to respond to. You may refer to your textbook as you compose your response.

In an essay, discuss the techniques William Melvin Kelley uses to characterize Mama. Describe at least three of her traits and how you as a reader learn about these traits (direct or indirect characterization). Use details from “A Visit to Grandmother” to support your character description.

In an essay, identify the theme of “Civil Peace.” List details from the story that illustrate this theme. Consider how Achebe uses Jonathan's words and actions to help readers understand his message.

Both Juan in “The Censors” and Sekhar in “Like the Sun” have a mission. In a brief essay, identify each character's mission. Does it succeed or does it fail? Why? Be sure to include examples from the stories to support what you say.

The setting and descriptive details of “The Masque of the Red Death” contain many symbols. Choose at least three symbols from the story, and in an essay, describe what each symbol stands for. Explain how the symbols give meaning to the story.

In “There Will Come Soft Rains,” Bradbury personifies the house and its machines. In other words, he writes as if the house and its machines have thoughts and emotions like people. For example, he writes that the house makes its wake-up call as if afraid that nobody would wake up. What are some more examples of emotions Bradbury gives to the house and its machines? Do they really have emotions? Why do you think Bradbury uses personification in this story? Write your response in an essay. (10 points)

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