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The angle of elevation of the top of a tower to point A on the ground is 61 degrees. At point B it is 600 feet farther from the base, in line with the base and the first point and in the same plane, the angle of elevation is 32 degrees. Find the height of the tower.

This problem is tricky because I don't know the distance point A is from the base. Point B would be a distance of 600ft.+ the distance of point A, I think.

  • trigonometry -

    where A and B are the distances from the tower. B-A=600 or B=600+A

    subtract equation 2 from 1

    solve for A
    then, solve for height.

  • trigonometry -

    A 200 ft guy wire is attached to the top of a tower.If the wire makes a 55 grados angle with the ground, how tall is the tower?

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