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"The osmotic pressure of a saturated solution of strontium sulfate at 25C is 21 torr. What is the solubility product of this salt at 25C (Hint: calculate molarity from the colligative properties eqn of osmotic pressure and use it in the equilibrium expression"
I converted torr to atm and solved P=MRT for molarity (M) = 0.00113M
but I'm not sure what to do next...if you can tell me how to do this problem that would be much appreciated!!!

Thank you

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    I think you omitted the van't Hoff factor for SrSO4. There are two particles so
    P = iMRT which makes the molarity just 1/2 of your number = ??
    Since that is the solubility of SrSO4, then
    SrSO4(s) ==> Sr^+ + SO4^-2
    Ksp = (Sr^+)(SO4^-2)
    Sr^+2 = ??
    SO4^-2 = ??
    The internet gave me a Ksp 3.44 x 10^-7 which makes this fairly close.

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