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I have wrote a brief summary about the script I am referring to, so if you have time, please do read it, thanks. Can I still post my questions, maybe not all of them. I am going to go through them, and the ones I need help on, I'll post, thanks

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    Please understand that we HELP after you DO what you can. Please many your post very clear, and since you are saying the subject is English, you might rather say "I have written....." OR "I wrote....."


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    Mitch is the joker in the pack in this script. He is surrounded by a lot of problems. He gets into trouble with the principal, and his Father. His father and his principal keep comparing Mitch with his older brother Cliff. Cliff is excelled in evertything, and Mitch is just the opposite of that, he turns every serious thing into a joke, and then others around him start yelling at him. He has only one friend by his side who is Jeff. Mitch and Jeff are in this club together with these other kids, and a lot of those kids don't like how Mitch interrupts their important conversations and just makes ridiculous comments. Mitch, from my point of view is not such a bad kid. I feel empathy fro him, because Mitch is trying so hard to fit in, but he just can't. He has a inner him, which he jujst hasn't shown yet. He doesn't want to be perfect like his brother, he wants to be different, but the thing is he's not being appreciated for that. So at the end, the other kids decide to kick him out of the club. Mitch leaves saying sorry, and then at the end he says sorry for entering in this lousy club-- he kind of makes negative comments at the end. Then, Jeff runs up to him and says 'why did u do that' Then mitch wearily says Go away leave me alone. He says I don't know why I did it, I don't know, and that's the end.

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