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Classroom management techniques

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3. What does the word “with-it-ness” mean?
A. Providing activities that challenge students.
B. Doing two things at the same time.
C. Knowing what’s going on in all parts of the classroom.
D. Providing smooth transitions between lessons.

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    I am amazed how American educators invent words. This word, not hyphenated, was invented by Kounin in 1977, and the supposed meaning is having knowledge of and control of all parts of the classroom.

    Here is a word Kounin should have thought about:

    As teachers, we get what we model. If a teacher uses improper grammar, or words, or improper behavior, that is what we get. Most of our teaching behaviors in a classroom were modeled for us by our own teachers, for better or worse. We need to avoid the worse, including slang. In my opinion, we need to really avoid it in schools of education.

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    I agree with Bob Pursley ... completely.

    Try the word "omniscience."

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    Nice word "with-it-ness" and I always tried to do just that! You need to analyze the makeup of each particular class, figure out what they want, what they need and give it to them! It is important to reach the students "at their level"to be sure "you are with it" and that "they get it!"

    Once the students understand that "you are with them and on their side" then they are with you and the lesson as well!

    The first class I ever had had had about 16 substitutes. They were "against" any one who came there. It was easy to spot the "ring leader" and once I put him in charge of order, it was a snap! Plus, the fact we sat down, talked about what they had done (mostly had NOT done) and if they wanted to waste the entire 2nd semester and repeat the class the following year, OR be up with everyone else (the other classes.) They ALL agreed that they didn't want to be left behind. We had homework EVERY night, weekend, holiday and no one grumbled. By the end of the year they not only were up with the other classes, I think they were better!

    Well, that's one of my many stories and I hope something there will help you! Please don't think that I disagree with the other teachers; I do NOT. Just take what works for you!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    u have number 20 wrong its (A) on page 44..Everthing else is right.

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    analyze the behavior that needs changing.

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    Where can I get the question for classroom management techniques?

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