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5th grade

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Can you please help with the following questons:

1. Duran was baking cookies. Each cookie had a circumference of 9.3 inches. About how many inches is the diameter of each of Duran's Cookies?
a. about 3 inches b. about 5 inches
c. about 6 inches d. about 27 inches

2. A circular building has a diamter of 60.52 feet. About how many feet is the circumference of the building?
a. about 31 feet b. about 124 feet
c. about 183 feet d. about 195 feet
Thank you

  • 5th grade -

    Circumference = Pie X Diameter

    9.3 = Pie x X
    9.3 / Pie = X
    = 3. so A

    2. Use the same formula :)

  • 5th grade -

    About 3. So your anwser would be A.

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