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Posted by Trixie on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 5:30pm.

1x10-2 mol of MgSO4 (Ksp = 9) is added to 1 L of water. Will 1x10-5 mol of CaSO4 (Ksp = 10-6) completely dissolve in the solution?

I think the answer is yes...because the Q will be less than Ksp of 10^-6??

Which of the following salts would you expect to result in the greatest freezing point depression if 1 mol were placed in 1 L of water?

A. NaCl Ksp = 36
B. AgCl Ksp = 10-10
C. AgNO3 Ksp = 0.5
D. They would all be the same

I think it would be C because there are more particles...but I am not totally sure..?

Which of the following stresses would NOT result in increased dissolving of Ca(OH)2 in a saturated solution (select all that apply)?

Addition of water
Addition of HCl
Addition of more Ca(OH)2
Addition of Ca(NO3)2

I know the addition of more Ca(OH)2 wouldn't since it's saturated..but I am not sure of the others?

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