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I made a few more changes. Let's hope everything is fine this time. Thank you.

1) Mr Utterson decides to look for Mr.Hyde. At last, Mr. Hyde appears. Utterson hears his steps approaching the end of the street.
2) He is a small, plainly dressed man and his appearance shocks him. When Hyde rounds the corner, Utterson steps up and, just as Hyde is inserting his key, Utterson touches him on the shoulder and asks, "Mr. Hyde, I think?"
3) Hyde shrinks back with a "hissing intake of breath". He seems frightened but his fear is only momentary.
4) He soon collects his cool veneer: "That is my name. What do you want?" Utterson introduces himself as an old friend of Henry Jekyll.
5) Hyde, keeping his head down, returns his greetings and then he coldly tells him that Jekyll is away. Utterson asks Hyde to show him his face, so that he will know him if he sees him again.
6) The man hesitates for a moment before defiantly revealing his face. 7) The man gives Mr. Utterson his address in Soho and asks how Mr. Utterson got his name.
8) The lawyer suspects of the Hyde’s possible knowledge of Jekyll’s will. Then he replies that he got it from Dr. Jekyll.
9) Hyde accuses Mr. Utterson of lying and promptly disappears through the door. The lawyer is stunned by Hyde's behavior.
10) He believes Hyde’s personality is a sort of ”murderous mixture of timidity and boldness." Utterson realizes that until now he has never felt such loathing; the man seemed "hardly human."
11) Something disgusting characterized his body. He fears for the life of his old friend Dr. Jekyll because he feels sure that he has read "Satan's signature on the face of Edward Hyde."

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