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We conducted a lab with antacids in class the other day and i'm having trouble doing the calculations. Well we basically took antacid tablets dissolved them in HCl, heated it and then added phenolthalien and then titrated until we saw a pink color. At 41mL we saw the pink and stopped. We are supposed to find the following:
1) Initial HCl moles
2) Moles of HCl neutralized by NaOH
3) Moles of HCl neutralized by antacid
4) Acid neutralizing capacity

We have the following information
1)0.10M NaOH
2)0.10M HCl
3)Mass of Antacid .22g
4)Volume of NaOH titrated from burette 41mL

For the inital moles I got .005 mol HCl, but I get stuck onwards. I know how to get the last one because I have a formula but how do I find the rest of the information? Someone please help!

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    1. moles HCl initially = MHCl x LHCl
    2. moles NaOH added = MNaOH x LNaOH
    3. 1-2 = 3

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