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physics help please!!!

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From what maximum height can a 61 kg person jump without breaking the lower leg bone of either leg? Ignore air resistance and assume the CM of the person moves a distance of 0.65 m from the standing to the seated position (that is, in breaking the fall). Assume the breaking strength (force per unit area) of bone is 170*10^6 N/m^2, and its smallest cross-sectional area is 2.5*10^ -4 m^2. I really need help with this problem!!!

  • physics help please!!! -

    I will be happy to critique your work. Find the breaking force first.
    Then breaking force*distance= KE of fall.

  • physics help please!!! -

    ok so would the equation look like this: 170*10^6 *.65=mgh, which would be (61)(9.8)(h)

    is this correct?

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