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trig 26

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simplify to a constant or trig func.

1. sec ²u-tan ²u/cos ²v+sin ²v

change expression to only sines and cosines. then to a basic trig function.

2. sin(theta) - tan(theta)*cos(theta)+ cos(pi/2 - theta)

3. (sec y - tan y)(sec y + tan y)/ sec y

combine fractions and simplify to a multiple of a power of a basic trig func.

4. (1/(1-sin x)) + ((1/(1+sin x))

5. sin x/1-cos x + 1-cos x/ sin x

write in factoed form of a single trig func.

6. 1-2sin x + sin²x

7. sin x - cos²x - 1

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