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I'm having a tough time brainstorming ideas about the four stress factors.

I have to know why it's important for people to learn to deal with stress. Then I need to describe social, mental, emotional, and physical stress factors and its impact on living.

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    Read widely and take lots of notes.

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    Well, this is what I thought of so far for an answer and I hope it's correct.

    - Social stress might be acute or chronic (ex. forgetting an important event) or chronic alcoholism; how can it make an impact on living?

    - mental stress issues like clinical depression or anxiety can develop from minor problems

    - emotional stress can affect the people around a stressed person

    I couldn't figure out physical stress, but how can social factors of stress make an impact on living?

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    People can become physically ill because of too much stress. Here's an example:

    Say a young woman is happily married and has three kids, all of whom do fine in school and in their social lives. Her husband has a very good job, but it still takes his job and hers for this family to survive financially.

    There have been several layoffs at her workplace during the past 1½ years. She has survived each layoff and even gotten a promotion, but with fewer employees doing the same amount of work, she is working much longer hours and is constantly under nearly impossible deadlines.

    About six months ago, she began feeling just awful. At first she thought it was stomach flu, but it didn't go away. She tried eliminating different foods and finally gave up all cow's milk products. That has helped a great deal, but hasn't solved the problem completely. She has seen her doctor, who believes it's all stress induced -- and the primary stress in her life is the mental stress at her work.

    Can you imagine how all this affects her, her husband, and her children?

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    Here are a couple of articles that I hope will help a little more.

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    Writeacher, is the young woman experiencing both mental and physical stress?

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    Yes -- mental stress at work which brings about physical stress all the time.

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