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Using the factor Theorem

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use the factor theorem to determine whether x-c is a factor of f(x)
f(x)=x^3+8x^2-18x+20; x-10

I have a doubt in my answer, i determined that x-10 is not a factor... am i right? please verify as my exam is tomorrow night at college. thank you for your time and hard work:)

  • Using the factor Theorem -

    It can be shown that x-10 is not a factor of x^3+8x^2-18x+20. So your are correct.

    If you wish, you could try (x+10) and show that it is a factor of x^3+8x^2-18x+20.

  • Using the factor Theorem -

    thank you so much dear mate, yes i took your advise and indeed i got it as a factor:) thank you.

  • Using the factor Theorem -

    You're welcome!

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