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Option Explicit
Dim Answer
Dim aScores()
Dim intNumScores

' Initialize Answer so loop will enter and execute
Answer = vbOK
Do While Answer = vbOK

intNumScores = CInt(InputBox("How many scores will you be entering?", "Enter

Number Of Scores"))

ReDim aScores(intNumScores)
Dim ii
Dim sngSum
Dim Score

' Initialize the sum to 0
sngSum = 0
For ii = 0 To intNumScores -1
Score = InputBox("Enter Score #" & ii + 1, "Enter Score")
' If user just hit enter, exit.
If Score = "" Then
Exit For
End If

' Store value in array
aScores(ii) = CSng(Score)

' Add new value to the running sum
sngSum = sngSum + aScores(ii)

' If user entered a blank, exit
If Score = "" Then
Exit Do
End If

' Compute Average
Dim sngAvg
sngAvg = sngSum / intNumScores

Answer = MsgBox("The Average Score is: " & sngAvg & " Continue?", 65,



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