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how will you teach and talk to students about the war?

this is what i said

How I would teach my class about a war is have a Veteran come in that was from the war. Before the veteran came into the class to answer any questions that the students may ask, the students will be in groups of three and research things about the war. The students may even get assigned a person that was in the war and research information about veteran. I could also teach students about war as a whole class by putting on a play/skit for the school. I could also teach students about war if all the students read the same book. We will read a couple of chapters each school day and as homework I will assign them to a couple of chapters as well. To ensure they read the couple of chapters I can surprise them with a quiz or a test on what they have read.

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    Very good, Scooby! These are your words and your ideas! Yay!!!

    However, you're being too ambitious to expect middle and high school students to read as much as four chapters a day, though. Of course, that depends upon the length of the chapter. But the textbooks I know contain far too much in a chapter for most students to even read one chapter a day. You also need time in class to discuss the material the students have read.

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    i hope this is what they wanted. it is last nights assignment i asked u about ms sue

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    "The students may even get assigned a person that was in the war and research information about veteran."

    This is an excellent project for each student. My grandson was assigned something like this, and he chose to interview his great-grandfather who had been in the US Army in Europe during WWII. Everything was so different then from what kids see on TV these days that my grandson was awed and wrote a wonderful report.

    Keep going with ideas like this. The only thing you need to think more about, as Ms. Sue has said, is how long each activity or assignment will take. Kids take longer to do things than adults think -- and it's better for them to have sufficient time for the ideas to sink in!

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