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need answer to the following: for each molecular compounds, write the name corresponding name or write chemical formula to:
A)nitrogen pentasulfide
B)diphosphorus pentasulfide
C) AS2S3

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    Phosphorus tetrabromide

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    Need to correct response by Anon.

    Penta means 5
    tetra means 4
    nitrogen pentasulfide would be, following the name, NS5. I haen't heard of this compound. I would expect a N/S compound to be N2S5 (simiilar to P2S5 in the next compound); however, I assume that name would be dinitrogen pentasulfide.
    Diphosphorus pentasulfide is P2S5.
    AS2S3 doesn't mean a thing to me. You may have made a typo and it should have been written as As2S3. That compound is diarsenic trisulfide.
    PBr5 is phosphorus pentabromide.

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