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Homework Help: chemistry correction

Posted by Richard on Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 1:16pm.

1. Which two elements react vigorously with each other?
A: Chlorine and lithium
B:Chlorine and potassium
C:iodine and lithium
D:iodine and potassium
my answer is B

2. which statement about electronegativty is correct.
A: Electronegativity decrease across a period.
B:Electronegativity increasse down a group
C: Metal generally have electronegativity values than non-metal
D:Noble gases have the highest electronegativity values.
my answer is A

4.Which statement is correct for a periodic trend?
A: Ionization energy increase from Li to Cs
B: Melting point increase from Li to Li to Cs
C: Ionization energy increase from F to I
D: Melting point increase from F to I
My answer is A

5.Which compund of an element in period 3 react with water to form a solution with a PH greater than 7?
A: SiO2
B: SiCl4
C: NaCl
D: Na2O
My answer is A
6. When Na,K, and Mg are arranged in increasing order of atomic radius (small first), which order correct?
A: Na,K,Mg
my answer is D.

Can any one check my anser.

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