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Find the orbital speed of an ice cube in the rings of Saturn, if the mass of Saturn is 5.67 × 1026 kg and the rings
have an average radius of 100,000 km.

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    Newton's law of gravitation:
    F = G m1 m2 /r^2
    let m2 = mass of ice cube and
    s = G m1/r^2
    F = s m2
    s = m2/F
    let V = orbital speed
    centripetal acceleration = V^2/r

    For an object to remain in orbit s must equal the centripetal acceleration so,
    s = V^2/r

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    Taking up where FredR left off,

    V^2/r = G m/r^2
    V^2 = G m/r
    where m is the mass of Saturn.

    G = 6.674*10^-11 N*m^2/kg^2

    Solve for V

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