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Physical Science

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Two parallel transmission wires are laid between electrical towers.

The distance between towers is 200 m, while the separation between the parallel wires is only 2.5 m.

If the wires carry each a current of 1000 A, the magnitude of the force between the wires is closest to ...
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0 N
6.4 N
8.0 N
16 N
32 N

I am trying to use the equation
Fmagnitude/L is proportional to I1I2/d

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    See for the formula.

    Yours is correct but lacks the proportionality constant, 2*10^-7 N*m/Amp^2

    I get 16 N for the answer.

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    Hi Drwls

    what do the two towers have to do with the wires?

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    The towers hold the pair of parallel wires. They are asking for the force on the length of wires between the two towers.

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